Just me and my fan vids. Please be kind 'cuz I mean no harm. Fan vidders are people too!

Let me know how I'm doing and what you think of my vids.

Please feel free to vote and comment.

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I'm glad you include me in your friend's list. I've seen some of your vids and it's amazing (hope that's the good word i choose lol)-especially the vids about Bones - yeah i'm just crazy about this serie (meaning big fan lol). So thank you :-)
6 years ago by ruby1509
Hi i'm glad to meet you too !
6 years ago by Mélanie
Thanks for the comments.
Yeah I liked how this one turned out.
The song ROCKS!!
I loved Evil Willow too.
6 years ago by Seeley
OMG I LOVE the fire inside video! I loved evil Willow.
6 years ago by Burnt_Cookies

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