Bob Seeley Bob Baldori

Two Bobs, four hands, twenty fingers, 100 years of boogie. Two phenomenal performers have combined their talents for extraordinary jazz, blues, boogie, stride and rock. Bob Seeley and Bob Baldori are both living connections to a musical heritage that is the backbone of American music. <br /><br />Both play a relentless keyboard in the truest sense of jazz playing infectious rhythm and dizzying improvisation. Both have unparalleled credentials in the genre. <br /><br />Bob Seeley spent his formative years playing with Meade Lux Lewis and other jazz greats in the 1950s and early 60s. Over the years Seeley has become known as the best boogie woogie and stride player in the world. <br /><br />"Boogie" Bob Baldori has been playing piano and harmonica with Chuck Berry since 1967. In addition to fronting his own group he has spent years playing blues, boogie and backbeat rock and roll in Chicago and Detroit. <br /><br />Together, their styles are at the crossroads of American music. <br /><br />The relationship started when they met at a tribute to Chuck Berry's original piano player, Johnny Johnson. They started working together soon after Baldori sat in at Seeley's regular gig at Charley's Crab in Detroit. A mutual interest in the "two piano" boogie style of Pete Johnson and Albert Ammons led them to work out some of the original four hand classics. They also discovered a repertoire of mutually familiar blues, boogie and jazz tunes that Baldori could double on harmonica. From there it was a short step to creating original pieces for their live show. <br /><br />Between them, they have an encyclopedic repertoire of jazz, boogie, stride, blues and backbeat rock and roll.