Sebastian Piatek

In his classes Sebastian combines professional physiotherapeutic knowledge, great sense of music interpretation and perfect pedagogical techniques, which are based on many years of experience in Poland and Germany. <br /> <br />His childhood passion for music and movement later led to pursue a studies program at the Sport Academy in Krakow, Poland. Five years of sound training provided to a master degree in physiotherapy and gave him the opportunity to expand his education at the Saltsjobaden Clinic in Stockholm, Sweden. This is where Sebastian encountered professional fitness training. Captivated, he decided to implement his skills in fitness aerobics. In the beginning he started to work in small fitness clubs and in 2001 executed managerial competence, namely for ProActive, the biggest Fitness Center in Czestochowa, Poland. The completion of a fitness trainer workshop at the Nike Fitness School motivated him to better himself. <br /> <br />2002 was a breakthrough year for Sebastian. He moved to Berlin, Germany, where he currently resides and teaches in the biggest fitness institutions in the country - the Fitness Company, as well as Elixia Fitness Center. In 2003 he took part in the IFAA education program (International Fitness and Aerobic Academy in Germany) and was awarded the title of “Best Aerobic Master Trainer 2003”. This opened doors to many opportunities such as International Fitness Congresses and an invitation to the IFAA “Dance and Moves” Team, where he presently works as a teacher and presenter. <br /> <br />Sebastian appears on both German and Polish fitness scenes, teaching at the conventions for leading schools. He works with the FlexiBar Company in Poland, IFAA Dance & Move Team in Germany and instructs participants in various Workshops. <br /> <br /> <br />