Scan business cards in seconds right into your address book; forward the contact information to a friend; connect on LinkedIn - even set a calendar follow-up reminder! All in one touch. ScanBizCards combines a mobile scanner with a mini-CRM application in the palm of your hand. <br /><br />Processing is done right on your phone, nothing is sent over the network. <br /><br />Add: view the text elements, touch them up if necessary, then add the new contact to your iPhone address book with one touch. <br /><br />Act: Even without adding to the address book, actionable items, such as phone numbers, email addresses and web pages, are highlighted on the image. Touch to call, email or browse on the spot! <br /><br />Connect: forward the new contact information to a colleague as text + the image of the card + a VCF attachment. Send a LinkedIn invite without leaving the application! (available in the full version only) <br /><br />NEW - Plan: add a calendar follow-up reminder - never again forget to follow-up! You can sync your iPhone calendar or even Outlook/iCal/Google calendar on the desktop with ScanBizCards reminders. Moreover, you can even have another user sync with your ScanBizCards follow-up reminders in his own calendar, for example a colleague back at the home office who may need to send information packages to potential clients. <br /><br />Please don't hesitate to request any fixes and improvements at !