As everyone knows, scams not only affect us financially as a whole population but can hurt us individually as well. We lose trust in people because we feel we're about to be victimized. It is a $100 billion dollar a year problem that damages peoples finances and American businesses as well. <br /><br />I know how it feels to be scammed because I lost my company years ago to a deceptive person who befriended me and left me holding the bag. It was the most miserable feeling of my life. <br /><br />I as Scambuster will expose as many scams as possible to keep those out there informed of these parasites that roam our earth. I know we can't stop all of them but if we are aware of what they are up to it can help us avoid major pitfalls. It doesn't matter if it's religous, political, business scam or an individual doing it, we will expose it. <br /><br />If you know of any scams that are happening right now and have video of it, send me an email and I will put it here.