Scale Busters

Scale Busters can remove the white ring, scale build-up on your pool tile, pebbletech waterline, boulders, and water features. Scale Busters restores their natural look, so your POOL can appear beautiful again. So if you have UGLY pool tile scale build-up, remember SCALEBUSTERS™. <br /><br />SCALEBUSTERS™ has be Providing The Highest Quality Tile Cleaning since 1999 with a special fine media that “pings” the scale molecules and vibrates them off the hard surface. We can take the white, scale build-up off the pool tile, Pebble-tech surfaces, boulders, water-fall spillways, etc. <br /><br />SCALEBUSTERS™ SERVICES <br /><br /> * Residential Scale Removal <br /> * Commercial Scale Removal <br /> * Acid Washes <br /> * Filter Cleans <br /> * Retail Sales <br /><br />Removal can be done on: <br /><br /> * Pools <br /> * Spas <br /> * Water Features <br /> * Fountains <br /> * Boulders <br /> * Pebbletech <br /> * Brick <br /> * Stone <br /><br />FREE QUOTE! <br />NO COST OR OBLIGATION! <br /><br />Give us a call and let our tile cleaning and restoration experts set an appointment for a free quote. <br /><br />WWW.SCALEBUSTERS.COM <br />Phone: (480) 946-3927 <br />Email: