Sargent Beverly

ABOUT MISS SARGENT BEVERLY: <br /><br />Sargent Beverly will go into a club and people will stare at her as if she's from a different planet. So what if she dresses differently and her hair is all over the place. She wear colors/clothes that don't even match and she'll wear her hair however Sargent Beverly feels... <br /><br />THATS WHO SARGENT BEVERLY IS... <br /><br />I'm different... I live in a city where it's all about imagine. You know what i say about image? FUCK THAT! I have the audacity to wear ripped nylons (with runs in them), no bra, socks as boobs, a tie-die t-shirt, short-shorts,a wig that looks like I found it in the garbage, and shower shoes, throw on a Louis Vuitton Purse and call it classy! <p> <br /><br />I inspire those to think outside of the box. <br /><br />I inspire those to do new things that aren't normal. <br /><br />I inspire people to be different... <br /><br />I like having fun and I don't care where I'm at, how I got there, or who I'm doing. <br /><br />I MAY NOT BE FAMOUS <br /><br />but mark my words, ya'll will know who Sargent Beverly is. I live my life to the fullest and so should YOU!!! <br /><br />DO NOT BE AFRAID TO BE DIFFERENT! To be YOU... <br /><br />PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LEAVE SARGENT BEVERLY A COMMENT!!! I enjoy reading each and every one of them! <br /><br />Stay fab and love EVERYONE!!! <br /><br />...BECAUSE THE BITCH IS FIERCE!!! <br /><br />**SARGENT BEVERLY LUVS U ALL!!! MWA^_^** <br /><br />**SARGENT BEVERLY LOS ADORA!!! MWA^_^** <br /><br />**SARGENT BEVERLY VOUS AIME TOUT!!! MWA^_^** <br /><br />**SARGENT BEVERLY L'AMA!!! MWA^_^** <br /><br /> <br /></p>