Angelika Dahmen

For more information on Sales Partners and Angelika Dahmen <br />Please visit: <br /><br />About Angelika Dahmen: <br />Angelika Dahmen is a SalesPartners Business Coach and Consultant. She is passionate in supporting her clients to significantly cut cost, boost cashflow, effectively manage people and workload – and have fun running a highly sustainable business. Angelika is one of the rare true experts in eliciting the limiting "little voice", and helping people make right decisions, quickly. With more than 15 years of experience in organisational development in Asia, she has everything it takes to create lasting change in any business. <br /><br />About SalesPartners: <br />SalesPartners, for the last 25 years, has helped thousands of organizations and tens of thousands of individuals increase their sales and income by anywhere 50-85% in a matter of weeks. SalesPartners is an international company which provides executive business coaching, sales training and leadership training and seminars in North-America, South-America, Europe and Asia.