MSN: <br />AIM: Moonlessmind <br /><br />Well theres nothing to describe about myself, I enjoy making amv's but its not really my thing. Hoping to find a better program than WMM, once I upload my dvd's to my computer start looking forward to Rurouni Kenshin AMV's...because the one I have up right now isn't the best I've made. <br /><br />I play on the X Box 360, so if your interested in a match on Halo 2 or the Halo 3 beta...I'm Mister Servo [shared account with brother, hence the "mister"]. Quitting World of I cant play with you on that =/. If you are looking for a friend, I'll gladly be your friend =) although I'm more of a listener than a talker...I hope you don't mind.