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In my pursuit of the truth will brothers clarify this head covering doctrine? Leviticus 21:10 does this pertain to all men of Israel or what? We are a nation of priests. Either Leviticus 21:10 is literal or not. To me the scripture there pertains to the ancient high priest but doesn't apply to brothers now. What is the truth of the matter?
2 years ago by DesertWithNoName
Thawadah elder, now everybody that i give my page link, can see you in the friendlist and come and watch your videos, THAT is what i want, as many people possible must see these videos of the elders at gms in USA... where the main and head prophets are.... the FIRST of the flok and fruit of Yahawah Bahasham Yahawahshi... im just showing them to the source of my info, which i deal as my portian
2 years ago by GMStuber