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Calista is a young woman of rare beauty and was named after a queen in the mythology. Growing so proud of her beauty, she dares risking all she has in order to make this beauty eternal. Eventually, she achieves what she craves for and possesses a beauty that even the Goddesses envy. Combining her mesmerizing looks with the beauty of her soul, she dedicates herself in fulfilling good deeds. Soon after, her soul becomes so pure and heavenly that it just is impossible for her to remain mortal.
Calista becomes the Goddess of beauty and she signifies purity.
The Perfect Beauty… The Goddess of Beauty…


Calista Luxury Resort
Located in the midst of a pine tree forest and occupying a mass land of 120.000 m2 in Belek, Antalya, the pearl of the Mediterranean coast and simply the life and soul of tourism where the nature and the sea become one, Calista Luxury Resort exceeds expectations with its unique architectural design and its 4 international certificates of quality (ISO 9001:2000 Quality, ISO 140001 Environment, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety, ISO 22000 Food Safety).

Comprising its own Food Analysis Laboratory and always supporting the idea of a cleaner and a better world, Calista is also the one and the only hotel having been presented with the “Green Star” award, the first and the most important award ever to be given for environmental care.

Recognize the philosophy of
Calista Luxury Resort
“Á la Carte All Inclusive” concept
means absolute satisfaction received from high quality
and irreplaceable service.

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Calista Luxury Resort belek Turkey -Golf resort, SPA hotel

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