Slim K

Slim K — Bon vivant, Artistic Polymath, Free Thinker, Humanist and Philanthropist. Based in Los Angeles, California. Artist at Sony Music Entertainment, and Founder/CEO at DoubaJen Records.<br /><br />Birth name: Slim Khezri<br /> Also known as: Slim K<br /> Born: 18 July in Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany<br /> Nationality: German<br /> Residence: Los Angeles, California, USA<br /> Occupations: Singer-songwriter, writer, and actor.<br /> Genres: Pop<br /> Instruments: Vocals<br /> Years active: 1989–present<br /> Labels: DoubaJen Records, Sony Music Entertainment<br /> Affiliation: SAG-AFTRA Eligible, ASCAP Member<br /> Associated acts: -<br /> Education: Attended Schools in Germany and Tunisia<br /> Languages: English, German, Français, Arabic, some Turkish<br /> Ethnic background: Mediterranean<br /> Links:<br /><br />Official Website<br /><br />Artist @Sony Music Entertainment<br />Founder/CEO @Doubajen Records<br /><br />Complete Biography<br /><br /><br /><br />Los Angeles, California