SIB Development & Consulting Inc.

SIB Development & Consulting Inc. works with companies to help them reduce their fixed, monthly expenses. Specializing in recurring costs such as telecom, utilities, waste management, property taxes, credit card processing, shipping, and workers’ compensation insurance, SIB’s expertise within each expense category enables companies to make sure their fixed rates are as low as possible. <br /><br />By employing professionals who have worked in each of the expense areas we focus on, SIB’s expert auditing team has the experience to negotiate with vendors and identify areas of historical overcharging and incorrect billing. <br /><br />SIB Development separates itself from other consulting firms through their innovative approach to billing their clients. SIB shares only in the savings that they implement for their clients- there is no initial fee, and clients are only invoiced after they’ve received their first month’s savings. If SIB does not find any savings there is no cost, and the client walks away knowing their fixed costs are under control. <br /><br />With a 98% success rate in reducing fixed costs, SIB averages 20 - 40% in savings per expense category. SIB’s confidence in their ability to save companies money is reflected through their $25,000 guarantee- if SIB doesn’t save a 10+ location business at least $25,000/year, they will write them a check for the difference.