Sebastien Loghman

A film director, music composer, and digital creator, Sebastien Loghman’s artistic journey is a kaleidoscope of colorful experiences. A grant recipient in 2005 to study Film at the San Francisco Art Institute, Sebastien graduated from the famed Beaux Arts School in Paris in 2006, and graduated with Honors from the Studio National Le Fresnoy in 2009.<br />Projecting a universe of unusual and sophisticated phantasmagorical worlds, his films give shape to the immaterial. His process od work is a mix of sophisticated technologies of shooting and post production with traditional technics such as drawing, construction of props and sets, stop motion.. Any creative way to serve a project.<br />Sebastien Loghman’s films are shown in film festivals, museums such as Paris Pompidou Center - France, Paris Palais de Tokyo - France, international trade shows, various alternative exhibiton spaces and on TV. In 2009, his film Cantor Dust Man won the prestigious CANAL+ Award at the 24th Annual Brest Short Film Festival. In 2010 he directed the 3-D stereoscopic film Puzzle in collaboration with the french Omnimax theatre La Geode. In 2012, he started working with the music producer and DJ Boys Noize, codirecting with Patrick Jean DJ's first official music video 'Ich R U'.