Laura Ann

Games: FFVII, Naruto, Ookami, Kingdom Hearts, Shadow Hearts <br /><br />Movies: Moulin Rouge, Blood and Chocolate, anime, and the list goes on <br /><br />Books: almost any manga that catches my interest, like Hellsing x3 <br /><br />Music: Nightwish, Within Temptation, Evanescene, Three Days Grace, Skillet, and the list goes on. <br /><br />Hobbies: Drawing, crocheting, playing games, dancing, watching anime, reading manga. <br /><br />Konnichi wa mina! I'm just here to post up my AMV's that have been sitting around in my computer collecting dust, so help me. The early ones stink and as usual the latter ones are the best. But I hope that they will come to your liking. ^^