Marjon ('Nuff said)
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Huge Geoffrey Rush fan, (That's my username say, Geoffrey Fan 4ever, Rushie is what we call ourselves at the_gspot yahoo group for Geoff.)
Lover of history (Golden age of piracy,Golden age of Netherlands, Ancient Rome/Egypt, Tudor history esp. Dukes of Norfolk..), cats, horses, nature, travelling, fun, movies, music, role play, writing short stories, photography, graphics, reading etc etc..


Marjon ('Nuff said)
Thanks, yours rock too!
This place rocks as the size of files is so large.
It's spring, I'm in a good mood and getting in the mood for video's :-D
Today the zoo..maybe I'll make one about that LOL..
6 jaren geleden door Marjon ('Nuff said)
The Marquis' Mistress
Hi there Marjon! Great vids!
6 jaren geleden door The Marquis' Mistress
Marjon ('Nuff said)
LOL I didn't even realise one could add friends here, I'm so slow about websites sometimes but it's done now and I'll look out for others from Livejournal etc to add :)
You are the second Geoffrey fan from Argentina i know.
Nice "Meeting" you.
6 jaren geleden door Marjon ('Nuff said)
laura seminara
so you are pirate_dutches, recently now i had noticed about this
6 jaren geleden door laura seminara

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