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Hiya ^.^
I'm a Finnish nightcore & anime fan

I made this account a while ago kinda as a back-back-up account for my Youtube channel.
But then suddenly my whole Google account (along with Youtube) vanished as if it never existed, along with all my uploads, playlists, friends, favorites, blogs and everything...
So now I'm using this Dailymotion account as my back-up, at least until I hear what happened to my Google account and why.

In the worst-case scenario, I will never get that Youtube account back, which will mean that I will start uploading my Nightcore here instead. I'm sick of Youtube's and Google's stupid tricks over copyrights ><

Anyway, feel free to PM me and please subscribe ^.^
All friends, fans and comments are very welcomed ♥

I'm leaving lyrics and any unneccessary extra-info out from the video descriptions because the space is so much more limited than in Youtube.
So if you have ANY questions at all, about anything, feel free to ask ^^

If you're curious to check out my Youtube back-up channel, it's here:

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