No Pity Party Here But...Just Eight Years Ago, I was Working at a Dingy Motel, Making Zilch, Living with an 86 Year Old Women and a Guy at the time, in an Apartment "Slum" of a Place. He was abusive and At one point he Almost Killed Me (don't want to bore you with the painful details here) After Enduring more than My Fair Share of Injustice, I Woke up One Morning and Said, "I Deserve a Better Life" and Simply, "Changed My Mind" It Took Me three Months, but I Saved $1,500, Moved Out While He was At Work, Got a Restraining Order and Finally was Released from the Mental and Physical Abuse. Note: I take responsibility for choosing this situation and this man, and I had to take responsibility and leave it. <br /><br />"Success in Not Final, Failure is not Fatal, It is the Courage to Continue that Counts" <br /><br />And so I continued, and within a One Year... I had a Prestigious J.O.B., Making 120K in Sales and Marketing, Bought a Brand New Jeep, and I was able to Purchase the House That I Currently Live In. Not too long after that I quite a that J.O.B. to become a Full Time "Successful" Internet Marketer/Mentor, making even more and empowering others to do the same. <br /><br />Moral of my story, "You can change your current situation, simply by changing your mind" <br /><br />Going From the J.O.B. Mentality to The Millionaire Mind Set Has Been a Mental Metamorphosis and Let me Tell You It is Beautiful on the Other Side of the Mirror. <br /><br />Empower Yourself and Let's Bring Out Your God Given Talents, Creativity and Strengths So That We Can All Realize Our Dreams. <br /><br />In a Nutshell, I show People "How to Make a Lot of Money Online", So They can Improve Their Financial Situation, and then they can Pay Off their Home, Create a Retirement Fund, Travel More, Send their Children to College, and so much more. <br /><br />If You Want to be Successful, Find Someone who has Achieved the Results You Want and Copy What They Do and You'll Achieve the Same Results. – Tony Robbins <br /><br />I believe that our purpose here on earth is to create value and keep growing as human beings In life I believe you need inspiration and sometimes desperation...you need these extreme states at times to create the proper emotional fuel to accomplish what ever you decide to do. I don't believe in ultimate failure, you only truly fail when you give up. I believe thoughts are things...if you can think then you can create so you manifest. The act of deciding is fundamentally life shaping and sometimes life changing. It is in your moments of a decision that your destiny is shaped. In essence, if we want to direct our lives in the proper direction, we must take control of our consistent actions. <br /><br />A Successful Life is: <br /><br />1. Laugh Often and Much <br /><br />2. To Win the Respect of Intelligent People <br /><br />3. To Find and Cultivate The Best in Others <br /><br />4. To Appreciate Your Talents <br /><br />5. To Realize How Important the Little Things Are <br /><br />6. To Know; Having Money Allows You to Give <br /><br />7. To Recognize Beauty in This World <br /><br />8. To Leave this World a Bit Better than When You Arrived <br /><br />To Your Success! <br /><br />