“La Que No Podia Amar”, which translates into ‘The One Who Couldn’t Love’ tells the story of Ana Paula, a young, beautiful lady who is about to get her diploma as a nurse. She is forced to marry Rogelio Montero, her paralysed patient, in order to save her brother and her own life. Rogelio is a young, rich man, embittered for being disabled. He manages his hacienda with a ‘strong fist’ causing many of his employees to fear him.<br />Ana Paula has to deal with Rogelio’s sister, Cynthia, who is always bored and has a very torrid secret romance with the foreman of the hacienda, as all the young men are not of her class. Ana Paula finds herself in a fix, as she has to deal with Cynthia’s humiliations and envy; manage her brother’s problems, as well as Bruno and Rosaura’s greed. And on top of that, she meets again with Gustavo, the love of her life, knowing that perhaps, he may never be for her.<br />‘The One Who Couldn’t Love’ won two awards in TVyNovelas 2012 Awards, for Best Lead Actor, and Best Supporting Actor. Catch it Mondays to Fridays at 3pm on Viasat 1.