Robert Krampf

A lifelong fascination with science, combined with an uncontrollable urge to teach has led me on adventures ranging from excavating dinosaur bones in Wyoming to watching whales off the coast of Mexico. <br /><br />During my thirteen years at the Memphis Museum, I wrote and taught classes in geology, biology, chemistry, archaeology and physics. In 1987, I decided it was time for a change and put together a traveling, high voltage electricity show, centered on a one million volt Tesla coil. <br /><br />I offers presentations on electricity, lightning, and fire, as well as program development, staff training, and educational consulting in all areas of science education. <br /><br />My adventure led to appearances on Late Night with David Letterman, The Discovery Channel's Know Zone, CBS This Morning, Fantastic Facts (in London) and CNN. My e-mail Experiment of the Week reaches over 180,000 households in more than 95 countries. <br /><br />I am picking out some of my favorite science experiments from the early years of my email list (1997-2001), and posting them here as videos. I am revising the text versions too, so you can watch the video and print the new text version for your files at <br /><br />I hope you enjoy the videos. Thanks for watching.