The main focus in my videos is the story I can tell by combining the scenes and the lyrics on the song I use. This is why I don't use that many effects - I want to show that there is already something there in the scenes the way they are and that the music can bring them to the surface. <br /><br />That being said, I would also like to mention that I do accept AMV requests, so if any of you have some do let me know!<br /><br />Agenda:<br /><br />[Currently working on]: -<br /><br />[Own Projects]:<br />- Gundam 00, song decided.<br />- School Rumble, song decided.<br />- Code Geass, song decided.<br />- Basilisk, song decided.<br /><br />[Requested Projects]:<br />- No anime yet, "Wow I Can Get Sexual Too" by SAY ANYTHING.<br />- Dogs: Bullets and Carnage, to "Giving In" by Adema..<br />- Death Note, no song yet.<br />- CANAAN, to "This Love, This Hate" by Hollywood Undead.<br /><br />Updated: 21st of August 2012