Hello all, I'm Ichigo_m/RibbonAquaDrops/RibbonAquaDropsVer2/IchiChanProductions. *Waves* <br /><br />I've been fandubing for around 4 years now. I produce, act and sing in many fandubs. All fandubs on the account are produced by me. Meaning that I have mixed, scripted and usually act, in them all. I also the run a fandubing group called the "KillerLolis", they focus on horror anime created by Ryukishi07. <br />I wish to some day break into the pro Vaing and/or musical theater world(s). I love all my subscriber's support. Thank you all very much! *Bows* <br /><br />---Resume--- <br />Resume Here (http://ribbonaquadrops.com/?page_id=20 ) <br /><br />---Tech Stuff--- <br />I currently record using a Logitech USB Mic that I got for 20$ at Radio Shack 3 years ago. I'm hoping to update that soon. I use Sony Vegas 8.0 and Audacity to record and mix. My computer is a super suped up HP that just happens to get tons of virii. I have dual monitors set up, one for recording (it's set higher so I can stand and use proper voice support) and one for everything else (at a normal sitting level). <br /><br />---Using my Lyrics/Scripts/Mixes/Etc.--- <br />If you wish to use any of my material please PM me to ask. I will most always say yes as long as you post it as a video response and credit me properly. <br /><br />---Being Part of RAD Pro.--- <br />I always love to hear new voices! If you want me to critique something of yours please send it to me in a PM, I'd love to send a critique your way. <br />To be a part of my productions though you have to have an account at the VoiceActingAlliance. (http://voiceactingalliance.com/board/index.php ) There are many projects to audition for there, as well as some of mine. <br /><br />---Social Networking--- <br />Twitter: Ichigo_m <br />VAA: Ichigo_m <br />Youtube: (Dead) RibbonAquaDrops (Dead) RibbonAquaDropsVer2 IchiChanProductions KillerLoliFandubs (Inactive) KillerLoliFandubsVer2 <br />FourmSpring: Ichigo_m <br />LiveJournal: RibbonAquaDrops <br />Skype: RibbonAquaDrops <br />Gtalk: Narutake.san <br />DeviantArt: RibbonAquaDrops