Proud mother of a very energetic 5 yr old boy. I'm in college. I'm as honest as a person can be. Respect me,I'll respect you back. Don't have time for people who only think about themselves. I don't have time for petty bulls**t. I have a weird dark sense of humor...sometimes sarcastic and dry...but will laugh at stupid stuff,too. Love my 4 cats as I do my son. Also the organizer of a chapter of World Can't Wait...dedicated to getting the Bush Regime out of office and be held accountable for the crimes theyhave committed. <br /><br />Interests--- <br /><br />Dancing,Parties,Love watching motorcycle racing,skateboarding,extreme motocross,and other extreme sports{thinking about taking up snowboarding and motocross,I could use the exercise},I pretty much tend to be attracted to the more extreme things in life...Love a good book or Comic. Love a good German Beer{spaten}...piercings and tattoos,fetish,BDSM,Philosophy,Psychology,Politics and law. <br /><br />Favorite Bands-- <br /><br />Das Ich,OOMPH,Anti-Flag,Jack Off Jill,Joachim Witt,Die Krupps,Skinny Puppy,Ministry,KMFDM,Bauhaus,Front 242,Die Warzau,Christian Death{the old Stuff},Henry Rollins,WHITE STRIPES,Alien Sex Fiend,GENITORTURERS,Dead Kennedys,Dead Can Dance,Rob Zombie,PIL,The Damned,The Thrill Kill Kult,Frontline Assembly, Sisters of Mercy,Leftfield,Petroleum,Lords of Acid,Billie Holiday,The Mission,The Pogues,Circle Jerks,Swans,world music,especially middle eastern/arabic/indian dance musik,Diamanda Galas,PJ Harvey,Nick Cave,BOWIE,Iggy Pop,The Smiths,Cure,Siouxie,Chemlab,die form. <br /><br />