Greg B

I am Greg, in case you missed it. And yeah, i misspelled my band's name and its supposed to be Sadie, not Satie, but thats my bad =D <br /><br />I am a Christian, I go to my Youth Group, and I read my Bible, follow God's Word, worship Him, and all that nice stuff =D <br />I Love Jesus! <br /><br />I'm looking forward to progressing in music theories and playing percussion, hopefully getting a living out it! <br /><br />I'm from a total ghetto place in Maryland, and I'm still living there, it's fun when I'm playing (or more typically, blasting) my music like a normal person, and some poser walks by and calls me a freak xD. Atleast I'm individualistic =D <br /><br />I've been invited to join one band and I'm starting up another, both are with past bandmates. Kind of like both sides of the band xD. I love to play Drums, to listen/play any form of music (musicianship anyone?) and I do a bunch of different music activities like Jazz Band and Steel Drums and its great. And working with anything that deals with computers is another hobby of mine that passes time.