Sir Doctor of Tardis

I'm not sure exactly what it is about the concept of 'regeneration' in the BBC show Doctor Who that interests me so much. Not only can our already fascinating hero can change his face every now and then (which is actually addressed within the show itself unlike, say, James Bond) but his whole personality can seem to 'shift' as well. Every few years fans are treated to new actors, new costumes, and new interpretations of the amazing character. This repeated 'renewal' constantly keeps the show fresh and engrossing, while always managing to ground the viewers in the same universe they know and love. <br /><br />I like to make videos looking at all these different aspects of the regeneration, not just the process of transformation itself but several factors that accompany it, especially the Doctor's reaction to his new faces and the unveiling of his new choice of wardrobe. <br /><br />I originally started this project on Youtube (silly me) with the first few videos having been put together quite a few years ago on my poor Windows movie maker. Since then the dear gentlemen at that website, along with those at the BBC, decided to flag my account so that nearly everything I tried to upload got automatically blocked. So when I wanted to add an update to my little project I thought, "why not move it all over to those cheerful folks at Dailymotion?" <br /><br />Well, here we are. I hope you enjoy my Whovian-centric geekiness. <br />More to come!