David Pearson


Jef FaFa
Hi David, Been looking for on YouTube. Really sorry you left. Enjoyed your videos. If you can see my E-mail address drop me a line. I'd like to see more of you vids but not a big fan of Facebook. Anyway like to have some conversations about some of your woods crafting methods. Anyway, I did find a place to see your vids.
Last year by Jef FaFa
Tammy Schweiger
Hi David,my name is Tammy.I am a sub.of yours on YouTube. I was looking for you on Facebook, but landed here!!! lol You said you were no longer able to comment or answer general questions etc...so I thought I'd try to ask bushcraft etc...on here ,looking forward to chatting a bit about bushcrafting!Please let me know if this is possible ?? Thanks! Love your videos,u r hilarious!
Last year by Tammy Schweiger

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