Raza began playing the guitar in middle school and began composing his own music shortly after. In 2002, Raza’s family moved back to their motha’land, Pakistan, and Raza completed his education in Lahore. During this time, Raza focused his musical mind on new styles of the Middle East and would explore the different avenues of chord structure and progression by listening to many styles of music. A year after graduating, he returned to Conyers, Ga, where he began college for a few years. He has postponed his studies for now and has been pursuing his passion outside of the classroom. The past few years have been devoted to studying the ins and outs of the audio/video industry. Raza has always enjoyed playing music with friends and around drum circles over the years. Raza has maintained his own groove and has developed his own style. He is investing time growing into this dream; a love for making music that will transcend genres and time.