RavensFilm Productions

Featuring trailers, preview clips, web series, music videos, and other offerings from the independent film and video production projects of Chicago based RavensFilm Productions and filmmaker Nicholas J. Michalak. <br /> <br />I, Nicholas J. Michalak, created RavensFilm Productions in Spring, 2004 as a serious statement that filmmaking would be my life's passion. The name was based on a fictional Chicago suburb that appeared in many of my scripts up until then. What began as a focus on comedic shorts eventually veered toward more dramatic and noir style narratives born from my evolving fandom of the films of Michael Mann. Thief was the first, but it was Collateral that solidified my deadset interest in the crime genre. Hitmen, criminals, syndicates, lawmen, private detectives, and vigilantes have all become common subject matter since then. <br /> <br />Other influences upon my work include John Carpenter, Ridley Scott, Christopher Nolan, Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, Clive Barker, Russell Mulcahy, and Kevin Smith, just to name a few. <br /> <br />These influences have driven my creativity far, but the desire is now to branch out into other genres such as supernatural horror, action, comedy, and straight dramatic character pieces. RavensFilm Productions is aided by an array of highly talented actors and filmmakers across Chicagoland. My closest and most trusted collaborator is Cinematographer, Videographer, and SteadiCam Operator Eric Woltman of Voltage Visual Studios and Steadi Zephyr. His expertise, technical knowledge, and artistic eye have benefitted my endeavors greatly, and the favor has been returned many times. Beyond a great collaborator, he is a valued friend, and that is the relationship I like to spark with everyone I work with. <br /> <br />The future is starting to develop more and more with the release of Dead Of Night on Special Edition DVD, the impending completion of The Fixer on the horizon, and several promising scripts in development.