BIO <br /> <br />Rasta Sol...Mc/Dj of Roots-Dub, Jungle, Dn'B, Dubstep, Electro-House, Drum-step, Trap, and Reggae. Producer/dj Tankman & Rasta Sol's latest DnB/BASS single & music video , How We Growl, coming soon! <br /> <br />What inspires you? <br /> <br />I am a Rastafarian. I like drum circles, herb, and I strive to be vegan. <br />Haile Selassie I & Bob Marley inspire me the most <br />(and I know that both of them are still alive). <br />My music will help to locate them. <br /> <br />How do you see yourself in the future? <br /> <br />I will begin an exodus - movement of Jah people, which centers on a massive rave (or 2), in either India or near the ancient Mayan site(s)...or both places. <br />This will take place around 12-21-12. <br /> <br />Why do you make music? <br /> <br />First off, I don’t make music for money...I make it for the message (like Marley taught me, through his music). I’ve always said that I will strive to p/up where he left off <br />(Jah know...I have already begun). <br /> <br /> Some of my tunes may sound ‘hardcore,’ yet if u listen to the lyrics...I’m basically preaching ‘militant ONE LOVE!’.... <br />“Either give me Peace&Love, or get out of my way.” <br />(I think this quote defines the times we’re living in). <br /> <br />Since when do you make music? <br /> <br />1990, I was in a Hippy band named, “Three.” <br /> <br />Next, I played one-man-acoustic Reggae...as, <br />“Jah One - The Lion of Zion.” <br /> <br />By ’96 I entered Hip-hop...as simply, “Jah - One.” <br /> <br />In 2000, I began flow’n Drum n’bass as...MC Rasta. <br /> <br />In 2008, I evolved into a flow’n & Dj-ing DubStep-a... as...Rasta Sol. <br /> <br />Do you have any expectation? <br /> <br />After I 'make it’...I will open a hemp clothing, food, etc. company; then a Vegetarian restaurant chain; then I will release my own computer operating system - I have a Master Degree in Liberal Studies. <br /> <br />In sum, I will wake everyone up, and get them to <br />exodus...so that we can all enter the next dimension together...ravers, rockers, punk-rockers, hip-hopers, hippies, Rastas & anyone w/ o