Hello and welcome! My name is Randy Marquardt and I’m a performance enhancement life coach specializing in the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects in golf. The same experiences that millions of golfers suffer from (myself included) are all based in some form of fear, people pleasing issues, resistances, judgments, or limited beliefs (our comfort zone) about our selves. Learn the secrets of how I went from a struggling, frustrated, and out of alignment 10-handicap golfer to a more eager, joyful, and connected 1-handicap golfer in just one summer…and have stayed there for four years running. <br /><br />Allow me to show you how you can gain personal freedom within yourself to play golf – and life – to the very best of your God-given talent…to your full potential more often than ever before. My unique gift is a message of waking up. What you are capable of is beyond your imaginings. In fact, no one can tell you just how powerful you really are – but I’m going to guide and help you see and begin to realize your full potential and how to create the mindset to reach it. It’s called building a new champion’s self-image and it lies within your own subconscious mind. <br /><br />Play inspired golf with outrageous joy! <br /><br />Warmly, <br /><br />Rand S. Marquardt <br />Author, Teacher, Mental Golf Performance Life Coach <br />www.golfissupposedtobefun.com <br />(231) 838 – life (5433) <br />