Hi everyone <br /><br />I'm a singer/songwriter/musician/one-man band for my recordings (vocals, guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, percussion, etc.). <br /><br />When I perform live I either play alone or get together a backing band. <br /><br />Currently finishing up recording my 4th album 'Cuatro' <br /><br />Check out http://rahil.iscool.net or http://myspace.com/rahilbabooram <br />for all info concerning myself and my music. <br /><br />My first 3 albums are available for sale via http://www.TrinidadMusicStore. com <br /><br />Here are the specific links to purchase each album <br />GAURA-VANI <br />http://www.trinidadmusicstore. com/description.asp?catnumber= RK009&virpath=/genre_listing.asp <br /><br />SIMPLY RAHIL <br />http://www.trinidadmusicstore. com/description.asp?catnumber= RK008&virpath=/genre_listing.asp <br /><br />ORANGE <br />http://www.trinidadmusicstore. com/description.asp?catnumber= RK007&virpath=/genre_listing.asp <br /><br />Purchase yours now! :-) <br /><br />Promo - <br />http://www.youtube.com/watch?v =jPNcFhgbWS0 <br />Gaura-Vani (1999) <br />Simply Rahil (2006) <br />Orange (2006) <br />[All lyrics, music, vocals and instruments by Rahil Babooram <br /><br />All music featured © 1996-2008 Rahil Babooram Music, COTT] <br /><br />Thank you very much! <br />All the best <br />- Rahil Babooram