Le Monde est un Village - Radio program <br /><br />It has been 15 years already... 15 years spent listening, broadcasting, recording, offering. People from next door and further away. People that are often generous, anonymous or well known. People that are the motors of creation or consideration, responsible for themselves and others, for their people or a community. <br />So we engage in discussion, and music flows through presentations, interviews, musical recordings, live shows, reports from abroad. <br />It’s about playing live, and releasing CD compilations that showcase artists at the dawn of their - we hope – fruitful careers. It’s about the many tribal, associative and cultural connections. <br />Le Monde est un Village (the World is a Village), is all that and more, with the clear hope of exposing Men and Women in what they have that is unique and singular. Diversity is on our path every weeknight on La Première and RTBF International radios. <br />And the space between 8:00 and 9:00 pm is crammed with Cultures and Music from Elsewhere. <br />The mission is infinite as the world is wide, even seen from here! <br />Daily broadcast between 8:00 and 9:00 pm from Monday to Friday <br /><br />Le Monde est un Village <br />Radio program <br />RTBF - Belgian public radio <br />Didier Mélon <br /><br />Belgium <br />Phone : +32 2 737 43 16 <br /> <br />