RTRWorldwide is a distributor of The Russian State Archive outside of the Russian Federation up to and including 1991. <br /><br />RTRWorldwide seeks to make more than 2 000 000 items in this exceptional archive that have never been seen before accessible for the whole world to view.<br /><br />RTRWorldwide restores and digitises the rare footage and makes it available to the public worldwide via broadcasters, film makers, production companies etc. <br /><br />The archive is included in the State Register of the most precious objects for the cultural legacy of the people of the Russian Federation by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation.<br /><br />The Archive contains: <br /> • 130,850 Documentaries<br /> • 7,340 Musical Performances<br /> • 3,875 Theatrical Films<br /> • 2,500 Cartoon Programs<br /> • 1,120 TV Plays and Radio Programs<br /><br />Archive highlights include:<br /> • First man in space<br /> • Chernobyl nuclear disaster<br /> • Extensive footage of Lenin, Stalin, Kennedy, Thatcher and other world leaders<br /> • The Rise and Fall of Communism<br /> • The last days of Tsar Nicholas II and the House of the Romanovs<br /> • World renowned Russian animation including “Cat Leopold” and “Captain Vrungel”<br /> • Musical concerts featuring the best Russian composers and performers live from the Bolshoi Conservatory Hall