Rita Song

Nature Earth Pets Bike Trails Space Stars RONNIE VAN-ZANT -SKYNYRD --johnny van-zant has a nice ass;lol <br />HARLEYS HOT RODS AND WILD STUFF ROCKABILLY REBELS punk fuzz harp blues psychedelic underground sound psychedelic snarl (60's psych bullet pistol whiped snatchers <br />I usely SUB every one that has great stuff and information on artist and bands . <br />I love 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s and other Interesting Information.. <br />And new artist that are talented.. <br />My name is RITA <br />Name: ROCK N ROLL GYPSY <br />Age: 54 <br />lots of Computer Stuff and art music ;;Biking around... <br />Gypsy Rebel Shaman Wild <br />Not married just a wild lone wolf.