ROK Universal

ROK Premium Electronic Cigarettes. Sometimes called e cigarettes, electric cigarettes or electronic-cigarettes, ROK delivers a simple and stylish, genuinely satisfying, balanced alternative to smoking tobacco-based cigarettes. <br /><br />ROK e cigs offer all of the enjoyment of “smoking” at a fraction of the price without the tobacco, tar and associated chemicals or any of the fire, mess or smell! Using state-of-the-art micro technology we can deliver what we believe is the best premium electronic cigarette experience! <br /><br />We offer the next generation electronic cigarette package by offering our e cigarette starter kit with cutting edge personal charging case (PCC) and new e cigarette tip (cartomiser) system. Our tips offer a clean, leak free nicotine system providing more vapour and lasting up to twice as long as traditional cartridges for a more pleasing, clean and cost effective experience. <br /><br />ROK Universal is the leading electronic cigarette brand from Smoke With Out Sin Ltd. <br />We are an established limited company, specialising in the retailing of good quality electronic cigarettes. With a customer base mainly here in the UK, word travels fast around the Globe and our customer base is growing internationally into France, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Denmark & Romania. <br /><br />- UK based <br />- Internet Shopping is Safe (ISIS) accredited retailer <br />- Internet Delivery is Safe (IDIS) accredited retailer <br />- Member of ECITA (Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association) <br />- IMRG (Interactive Media in Retail Group) gold associate member <br />- Local electronic cigarette recycling available in conjunction with BatteryBack