I took great pleasure in writing Destiny's Warriors. Celt myth and the wonderment of Pagan gods sent me on a journey that took 15 years to write all ten novels in the series. The brutality of human sacrifice to appease the gods is a part of history that is horrific. And, the idea of Gods having to deal with the same emotional issues as mortal man was fascinating for me to create. This wonderful journey into mystical realms guided me to continue and finish the saga. I tell of enchanted warriors, mystical creatures and monsters such as Crimson Death and Banshees. The struggle to survive, heartache, betrayal and rivalry are what my characters have to face in this fantasy. You'll cry, cringe and feel in awe at the romance as you read my tale. I hope you enjoy reading Destiny's Warriors. May a Rainbow be your guide down destiny's path. <br /><br />About the Author <br />R.M. Putnam is a student of Mythology, enraptured by Pre-Christian Irish folklore. A day-dreamer who is guided by the question "What If?" led her to create the tale of Destiny's Warriors, the first in a series of 10 novels. Adventure, romance and magic in a world of mystical creatures. A time of warriors, ancient gods and the practice of human sacrifice are the threads that weave her story. <br />