RBG Street Scholar

WHO: RBG Street Scholars Think Tank is a "New Afrikan Radio & TV Driven Communiversity" The purpose of this EduTainment environment is to support, re-enforce and provoke thought. It is this author's hope that our attention to scholarship, cultural relavency and artistic attractiveness will encourage further support of our work. <br /><br />RBG DEFINED:<br />No matter if one relates R.B.G. with<br />Red Black and Green,<br />Revolutionary But Gangstas,<br />Redeemed By God,<br />Read Bout Garvey,<br />Revolutionary Black Gangstas,<br />Real Black Girls,<br />Ready 2 Bust Gats or<br />Riders Basic Guidelines, etc<br />We must know that the principles and guidelines were passed down from great leaders like Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X and Huey P. Newton. They must know that the RBG Family consists of real leaders that will forever ride for our Black and Brown People worldwide.