I'm Youtuber RAproducts and my vids keep getting blocked and removed of Youtube, so I upload them here, just so you can still watch them. <br /><br />About me and Video Editing etc.: <br />I'm Ruben (RAproducts on Youtube and, as you can see, also here). First off, I (and some mates) make (Dutch) voice overs. The first voice overs were from December 2005, but the more professional ones are made since summer 2006. I also make music video's, Runescape video's and other kinds of video's. I upload my video's on Youtube since February 2007 and since Google ruins Youtube, and blocks some of my video's, I reupload the blocked ones here on Dailymotion since November 2008. <br />I began with making video's in January 2005, since then I really enjoy it. I'm member of the Nassie-Crew (which is mostly a Voice Over Crew) and the Nassie-Crew features togetter with Jay Productions and Red Coat Productions in Bami TV (which is mostly IRL). <br />Check my Youtube account / channel / video's, the name is also RAproducts. <br /><br />Nederlanders, snappen wel wat hier boven staat hoop ik.