Queen Deleona
Ithaca, United States
Greetinz 2 All!!!

I know that many of you may have heard about my patented Queenz Pikture Vidz, Queenz Sexual Muzik Vidz, or maybe you already actually have one? I do have other vid klipz called Queenz Saucee Muzik Vidz that aren’t as “bold”, in fact with no nudity or sexual content at all, to be found on DailyMotion, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google+…

My adult content klipz, pix, and vidz can be found on: http://www.rude.com/QueenDeleona . You will also find a large assortment of free downloadables, at Rude, and I encourage you to go… Although my material may contain what some would consider “adult material”, that is merely “the hook”. Each image or set of images are part of another message either in the vid itself and/or can be heard in the lyrics of the given song. Each klip is an excerpt from a longer fully themed vid usually about 30 min. in length which in their entirety creates a poem from the titles of the songs. Each vid has a series of overt and subliminal messages and takes quite a bit of time and effort to research and create. I don’t use any automated processes and each klip and it’s subsequent movie are done individually by me. The final product or QPV or SMV as I call them is something that works like a movie, looks like a screensaver, entertains, and hopefully educates. Titillation is optional? LOL

Thankz in advance for viewing and I look forward to your responses, comments, and suggestions. Hava goodee!!! ;D

Exotikally Yourz,

Queen Deleona: Afro-Erotik Entertainer


Queen Deleona
Hava happy Valentinez Daze pplz!!! :)
February by Queen Deleona
Queen Deleona
2 new vidz posted... Chek'em?!? ;)
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Queen Deleona
Check out my latest instillation!?! :0
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Queen Deleona
Enjoy your Independence Daze!!! :D
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