Griffin Dunn & Austin Lord

<b>Purple Platypus Productions</b> is a small movie production company. It is run by Austin Lord and Griffin Dunn, who are the two main stars in the majority of the movies. <br />There is not an exact time that Purple Platypus began. In March 2006, Austin and Griffin made a video of them acting crazy and goofy, resulting in the beginning of <b>Destiny Boy</b>. On January 7, 2007, another Destiny Boy movie was made, <b>Destiny Boy: Puberty Hits!</b>, which built up Austin and Griffin's desire to make more movies. They very quickly followed up with <b>Destiny Boy: The Great Escape!</b> and <b>Destiny Boy Meets the Evil Hairdresser!</b>. No other movie was made until the very end of March 2007, but many have been made since then. <br />During this time, the name, Purple Platypus Productions, was first used. It came from a day in the summer of 2006 when Austin and Griffin were swimming and playing a game where you would say a word or phrase under the water to see if the other person could guess what was said. Hippopotamus was said by Austin, and Griffin guessed with purple platypus, which was, of course, incorrect. The name came for good, though, as it was later used here.