Pschent Music

WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL CLIPS & VIDEOS CHANNEL OF PSCHENT MUSIC LABEL <br /><br />LABEL ARTISTS <br />Slove, Discodeine, Scratch Massive, Tristesse Contemporaine, Yan Wagner, Grand Popo Football Club... <br /><br />THE STORY OF PSCHENT MUSIC <br />Created in 1994, the label Pschent has succeeded in imposing itself as a strong French independent label. The label owes its reputation to a constant preoccupation for the quality of its music and the esthetics of its packagings. <br /><br />Prestigious brands have entrusted Pschent with the production of their compilations. To start with, the famous Hotel Costes (more than 1,600,000 albums sold worldwide), the compilations of the Terence Conran group ("The Conran shop Vol. 1 & 2" and "Mezzanine of Alcazar Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3"), the model agency Elite, the fashion brand Barbara Bui ("Barbara Bui Vol 1 & 2"), the magazines Technikart ("Technikart Vol. 1 & 2") and Wad ("Wadklubmix"), the famous restaurant "Maxim's of Paris", Sak's fifth avenue store in New York, Barramundi and the first lounge-video DVD with Maurice Renoma ("Neofusion"). <br /><br />With this strength in production, Pschent also develops the careers of its artists and DJs by producing maxi vinyls and albums such as "Métropolitain" (Emmanuel Santarromana), "Living on the Edge" (Stephan Pompougnac), "Venom in the grass" (Grand Popo Football Club) , "People Like You" (People Like You), "Not Correct" (Charles Schillings) and recently Variety Lab with "Team Up" or Shazz with "Heritage"