THE RULES OF MY PAGE 1) Criticizing Alexander the Great in any way, shape or form will get you banned from my page. 2) Do not disrespect me, my opponents or my friends on Dailymotion. 3) Do not spam or advertise on my page. 4) Do not interfere with how I run my channel. 5) Trolls will be flogged without mercy. FAVORITE GAMES: "Total War: Shogun 2," "Rome Total War," "Napoleon Total War" and "Men of War" I'll be making videos of my online battles. I'll update this section every so often with new blood-soaked video replays (whenever I can). I will play any game I choose. I am named the Prince_of_Macedon. In Greek, my name is: Πρίγκηψ της Μακεδονίας. I have picked this name because of my historical interest in the Ancient Macedonians (especially Alexander the Great). 'Alexander the Great' and 'Ancient Macedon' are the two reasons why I started playing Rome Total War in the first place. Rome Total War lets me relive those glory days of Philip II, Alexander III and all of the other great Hellenistic rulers that have walked in Alexander's footsteps. "Rome: Total War" is my specialty. I suck at "Medieval II: Total War," "Empire Total War," "Napoleon Total War," and "Shogun 2 Total War" since I never put any time into those games. I'm also new to "Men of War." FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS *** QUESTIONS ABOUT ME *** 1. Who is your favorite hero and why? Alexander the Great. His military campaigns and personal heroics on the battlefield are the most epic stories ever told. 2. Who are your other favorite commanders (besides Alexander)? - Philip II (Macedon) - Marcus Claudius Marcellus - Sertorius - Julius Caesar - Antigonus the One-Eyed - King Pyrrhus (Epirus) - Philip V (Macedon) - Antiochus the Great - Perseus (Macedon) - Belisarius - Genghis Khan - Alexander Suvorov - Napoleon Bonaparte