Max Pidkova

The Decision Making Wheel is the best way to make decisions when you don't want to, or when it is hard to choose from similar options. Use built-in decision wheels or create your own. Add or change options, title and wheel color theme. Then spin the wheel and move forward with your decision. <br /><br />What present should you buy that special someone? Who brings the pizza? Who is on duty today? Ask the Decision Making Wheel. The app is also great for keeping kids amused, and for making decisions fairly in your house, office or class: "Don’t blame Dad, blame the wheel!"<br /><br />It's more important to keep moving forward with a good decision, than to agonize over making the best decision every time. So, next time you have to make a decision, don’t let your head spin - leave the spinning to the wheel!<br /><br />Indecision can stop you in your tracks. How can you choose between Disneyworld and Hawaii? You can spend days or months agonizing over your choices, or you can accept that either option would be wonderful. Let the Decision Making Wheel help you choose. Don't let your head spin—leave the spinning to the wheel.<br /><br />