Playing With Fire

Playing with Fire is a contemporary mafia/crime/story driven web-series. Think The Godfather meets Brooklyn Rules based in modern day Britain spanning the years of 2005 - 2012 following Tommie Harrison from a small time teenage drug dealer to a respected mafia made-man in the well known Hatchet Family.<br /><br />BRAND NEW EPISODES EVERY FRIDAY<br /><br />STARRING - Gaz Coward, Anna Munkelt, Graham Bingham, Graham Norwood, Bernie Naughton<br /><br />SEASON 1 EPISODE LISTING<br />Episode 1 - Season 1 Pilot<br />Episode 2 - The Hatchett Family<br />Episode 3 - Playing with fire.....<br />Episode 4 - Two Families<br />Episode 5 - Parental Guidance<br />Episode 6 - Retaliation <br />Episode 7 - Fueling The Fire<br />Episode 8 - Inviting The Inevitable (PART 1)<br />Episode 9 - Season 1 Finale