Place of Hope International has been reaching out all over the world for more than two decades. We are a team of people-- sponsors, volunteers and most of all, servants of Christ that take to heart the Great Commission--- to go and make disciples of all nations. We are more than concerned citizens, we are believers in Christ who know that faith inspires action that has the power to transform lives, give hope to the hopeless and to equip people to care for themselves and those in their communities. <br /><br />The success of Place of Hope USA provided inspiration for what was possible around the world--- desperate circumstances of children could be alleviated with willing hearts and creative minds. Place of Hope International was born out of this idea and is cultivating key relationships with ministries all over the world. We function as an independent organization, comprised of people like you who share our vision. Changing lives. Providing Hope. Healing hearts. Making God’s love tangible for the next generation. Please join with us to impact our world for Jesus Christ. <br />