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READ THIS BEFORE MESSAGING ME~~pretty, pretty please?

My website: www.laceinyourface.com . I post a lot of videos and photos on it. I also own www.usedpantysellingadvice.com. it's the only panty selling advice site online that is presented from an independent perspective. :)

Yes, the videos and pictures are all of me—and I am also the photographer/videographer.

Nope, I don’t send random people pictures of my nekkid body. I do not ‘cyber’ nor do I intend on having steamy conversations with complete strangers, so please do not ask. Love, romance, or one night stands are not reasons for me being here.

I am approachable even if you don’t want any panties so long as it is done in a respectful manner.

Things that I don’t care for: television, cell phones, arrogance, power trips, drama, nannies in all of their glorious forms, most porn, enclosed spaces, liver or any other organ, soda, Budweiser, ... the way commercial tomatoes taste these days.

My likes: teasing, dark chocolate, sunrises, sets, salad, feta cheese, espresso, music, furry creatures, well-written erotica, ellipses, the color lavender, floral scents, Sade, roller skating, 4-string instruments, random smiles and acts of kindness, Casadores, ...garlic.

I will add more as I am inspired.... 

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