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A world where entertainment reaches its most experimental! Hear the greatest progressive rock bands of all time, like Pink Floyd, Genesis, and Yes, and see the funniest, strangest, and greatest videos ever. Enjoy!

Thanks to the jerks at the WMG (Messrs Edgar Bronfman, Jr. and Lyor Cohen) all of my Blue Cheer and Wishbone Ash videos have been removed! Who knows what they'll strike at next! Luckily, I've set up a Dailymotion account under the same name (PinkFloydManiac1973), so you can access these videos and others. So if any of you have accounts on that website, let me know and I'll drop a line.

UPDATE: YouTube has blocked my account! Now Dailymotion will be the soul home of my videos. To read the full story, go to my new, low-key YT account, ProgRock1972.

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┬┴┬┴┬┴ The Wall ┬┴┬┴┬┴
"We don't need no thought control"

++++++++++ /\+++////////
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++++++++ /____\//////
======= /______\//
++++++ /________\
+++++ /__________\

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«·´`·.(*·.¸(`·.¸.¸.·´)¸.·*).·´ `·»
«·´¨*·LED ZEPPELIN·*¨`·»
«·´`·.(¸.·´(¸.·***·.¸) `·.¸).·´`·»

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R.I.P Jim Morrison 1943-1971
Copy And Paste If You Respect The Fallen Hero
James Douglas Morrison

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Genesis | Piper Club, Rome | 1972

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