Henk Bol

As a Graphic Designer I'am working with the Mac for more than a decade. As a long-time (bass)guitarist I also like to write and play blues-based rock, progressive rock and make videoclips. I'am also a synthesizer aficionado. In a nutshell; I started playing guitar when I was 12 years old and when ELP and Wendy Carlos with the MOOG Synthesizer came along I wanted to play keyboards as well. In 1969, with (school)friends, I founded Bluesgroup Crusade which later on in 1971 became Progressive Rockgroup Crusade. We split up in 1974 and my fellow musicians start playing in groups like; Cuby & The Blizzards, Livin' Blues, Finch, The Urn etc. In 1990 the original line-up started again named 'Bluesgroup Crusade+Friends'. In 2000 I left Crusade to join the Precious Time Project.