Peter F. Spittler

Ohio-based Peter F. Spittler specializes in real estate development from conceptualization through project completion. As the founder and president of GSI Architects, Peter F. Spittler spearheaded the development of projects throughout the world, including a 4,500-acre resort, hotels, convention centers, and hydro-electric facilities in Brazil. This was the culmination of years of experience in helping a wide base of clients bring to fruition real estate development projects throughout the world.<br />With a B.A. in architecture from Kent State University in Ohio, Peter F. Spittler worked on a large number of projects while still in undergraduate school, including a downtown sports venue and shopping and entertainment facilities. Peter F. Spittler parlayed this experience into work with a variety of firms, including a position as senior project manager for The Austin Company and Figgie International.<br />Over his long and illustrious career, Peter F. Spittler has worked on theaters, corporate headquarters, research facilities, industrial complexes, mixed-use development, and much more, providing an award-winning portfolio that is well-rounded and impressive.