In November, 2005, Pete Thomas walked away from the finale of NBC's The Biggest Loser a winner - and a loser. The prize he won was $100,000 for losing the most weight of all the contestants that season. What he lost was 185 pounds in only nine short months ... and with it an unhealthy lifestyle that Pete, armed with knowledge about nutrition and exercise, has truly put behind him. The new Pete Thomas walks around with a body fat percentage near the single digits, compared to the 51% body fat he dragged around in his 400+ pound pre-Biggest Loser days. As a child, Pete never learned about nutrition and exercise due to his transient lifestyle - a result of his mother's serious mental illness. Several times as a young child, he was left alone or with his younger sister, Melay, for weeks at a time, forced to find food wherever he could. For a complete bio visit: <br /><br /> <br />